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Explanation video Order Procedure

Explanation of working method

When you decide to purchase an item from us, submitting an order is a very simple process. The communication is via mail contact (jordy@zbseo.uk or via Skype (live:.cid.b0d1c5ac8608c365). Submitting orders can be done through an excel sheet, an example of which can be found at this link:


Step by step placing orders

Step 1: Determine the website on which you want to place an order.
Step 2: Determine the subject of the text (if the article is to be written by us)
Step 3: Determine the anchors and urls to be used
Step 4: Submit the order through an email to jordy@zbseo.uk

Together we can keep an excel sheet file in which all orders are processed. The only thing you need to specify is the website where the article should be placed, the subject of the article, the anchor and the url to which it should be linked.

When an order is submitted you will receive an order confirmation. In the confirmation you will receive the live link for the article you have submitted. If an article needs to be written by us, you will receive a preview of the article first. If the article is approved, it will be placed online and you will receive the live link.

We guarantee postings to be written by us within 3 business days. (Note: If we have to write an article, we charge a surcharge of €25,- per article.) We guarantee placement of articles that are delivered within 24 hours.

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